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@adam Chapters have been published for No Agenda Episode 1577. Enjoy!

You can't sell your house anymore to just anyone, first you need to get approval from the municipality.
WEF country did it again.....
Houses below €355k need to go to "starters" not "investors" according to this new law.
This will fuck up the market...

This is a shocking announcement:

Pentagon Says It Won't Work With Studios That Let China Censor Their Movies

"The Pentagon will refuse to work with movie producers that bow down to Chinese censorship demands, according to new rules the department unveiled this week.

The Department of Defense announced Wednesday that any assistance film producers request from the Pentagon will not be accepted if they plan to to comply with Chinese requests for censorship."


Victor Orban:

We want to know who is responsible for bringing the European Union to the brink of bankruptcy.

Where is the money.

Dreamt I was hired by the city to remove chewing gum from the sidewalk.

Ex-Russian Space Boss Finds 'No Proof' Americans Landed On Moon In 1969

"Dmitry Rogozin, said he went on a quest about a decade ago to find concrete proof that the Americans landed on the Moon in 1969"

"I was painfully embarrassed by the fact that the Soviet cosmonauts returning from multi-day expeditions could barely stand on their feet and underwent a long recovery after such flights, and the Americans crawled out of their lunar ships like cucumbers from the garden"

Drinken in de Duinen

📆 When: April 22nd, 2:00pm
📍 Where: Kaatsheuvel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands
🏰 Venue: De Roestelberg
👤 Organizer: Koppa

🔗 Details:

#Netherlands #11maart
Tomorrow there's a huge Farmerprotest and freedom rally in The Hague
Few days ago the mayor decided to allow only 2 tractors to come to the protest. The army is being utilised also against their citizens.
Demonstration is a constitutional right.
Preparations currently being done to prevent the right and freedom of demonstration.
Rebel news will do live reports and amongst politicians Eva Vlaar will speak there.
@Kees71234 on Twitter will provide videos and on Telegram

De EURO is exemplarisch voor GLOBALISTISCH denken | Thierry Baudet (FVD)

"De Euro is exemplarisch voor het globalistische denken. Verschillende naties, met elk een eigen monetair beleid, kunnen niet door een pennenstreek worden genivelleerd - evenmin als het nationale karakter van de mens kan worden uitgewist in een Brussels kantoor."

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