Any Dutch producers in Emmen?

Going this Thursday and Friday so my nephew can look at a University.

Looking for tips and advice for the area.


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Episode #1451 is about to go #live on the No Agenda Stream:

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Tomorrow april 27th is KingsDay in the Netherlands.🇳🇱 The whole country turns into one giant yard sale/fleamarket called vrijmarkt. Started at 5pm today, ends tomorrow at 5 pm.
There's a huge difference per region. My city is terrible, absolute junk for ridiculous prices.
But still it attracts masses of people...because it's "gezellig".
I went as well.
There's a smaller one on the other side of town where I usually score some stuff. Going there tomorrow.

The Power of Decentralisation with Adam Curry

"Adam Curry is a DJ, internet entrepreneur, and, along with Dave Winer, the creator of podcasting. In this interview, we discuss Texas and guns, how Bitcoin features in world events, food intelligence and smarter education, as well as the origins, ethos, and future of podcasting."

What Bitcoin Did

@adam Using in that wargames jingle (at ± 2:18:00) was a Curry & van Inkel throwback for me 😄

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