people who are not able to envision a possible amount of malignancy that took place during the November 2020 election are either partisan or naive normal people lacking wokeism just before Trump speaks in Nebraska

EU president of the Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen is gleefully presenting an abomination for probably most of the citizenry of a service called the Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) which will “bring a service” to the people to keep them “protected.” It’ll be mandated for all 27 states 7-1-22. Member states can apply different rules locally … but flying for those who chose or choose not to take the vaccine or any later iterations … WELL NO SERVICE FOR YOU!! You slave. OBEY THE RULES!

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In 2014 Jen Psaki When She Was Spokesperson For Hillary Clinton's State Department:

She Gets Confronted by Journalists About US Officials Caught Discussing the Coup D'état in Ukraine Being Worked from The Shadows. 👀

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A more fluid and dreamed up racism version by professors of leafy leaning institutions : “The marginalization and/or oppression of a people of color based on a socially constructed hierarchy that privileges white people. “
Well this definition is most likely very new to most (like myself) & hopefully interpreted as foolish nonsensical gibberish merely making sense to people lacking human experience and almost exclusively “enjoying” a privileged life of being only around people tantamount to thee

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The “decommissioned” definition of racism which was courant until just a few years ago and probably for many still valid & recognizable: “racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another. That a person’s social and moral traits are predeterminedby his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racial separatism is the belief most of the time based on racism that different races should remain segregated and apart from one another.” In the reaction comment a newer one

wil boostte deze jongeman maakt een presentatie van de COVID protesten die best vermakelijk is

Not to turn all sappy. I saw the ‘05 Jane Austin movie “Pride and Prejudice.” I loved the way people spoke, the way courtship took place way more pull-stop-pull-stop-pull-stop in a more exhilarating & daring and broadly-chosen verbiage than all these aughts & tens romantic Hollywood cheap offsprings. My guess is ppl who seek instant reward via action scenes & the way-too-often squeezed-in jokes in action movies are too quickly bored with a slower pace and then miss out on the payback a bit later

What author Moskowitz also is telling by not telling that the proclaimed “positive vision & substantive principles” of the coupled “thinkers”(which he emailed) is not specified what that’d mean (definition); I can imagine someone killing/ hurting another with these prerequisites; but interesting though … it always is a service to oneself if one is ballsy enough to try to contradict one’s own thinking. The Reactionary Trap is recognizable the green nonsensical thinking to deem fossil fuels as bad and to decommission too many energy plants bc it looks good before there are qualified energy alternatives installed created this whole shortage of oil and gas. Politicians only seem to care for what looks good. When outcomes take an exit that increases inflation… well it’s not addressed by the same stupid politicians AND most of M5M

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the official NoAgenda Phone is up and running. I set up Graphene on my new Pixel 4a this weekend. Went very well. Dutch journo’s Eva Hartog currently correspondent RTLNieuws & editor Moscow Times and Hubert Smeets correspondent Moscow for NRC about the protests in Kazachstan and what may be the impetus for Russia. Smeets points to a blue collar region in the West. Former president Nazarbayev gained much wealth which transpired to the former capitol Almaty. Local bad guys tried to overrun local authorities which led Tokayev who sought help in Putin @adam

@adam @Johncdvorak 2/2 And the Services act seems to zoom in on the distributed content. Well I see some benevolence in it but suppression of heterodox expression of thought is lurking around the corner

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1/2 The European Parliament voted on two acts recently mid December of 2021 @adam and @Johncdvorak that will improve the chances of smaller online platforms which are outcompeted by the big tech giants platforms. The Market act seems to function as a gatekeeper function of ‘equality.’

Even if 80% of the Vaers numbers were to be incorrect … a remaining 20% would still mandate media attention. It seems every party who can make $$ off of patients or governments paying the pharmaceuticals a large sum of $$ or msm who seem to be in a permanent modus operandi of willingly inflicting nervousness and anxiety on their public … they all are not willing to even acknowledge the existence of adverse events

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